Naruto Shippuden 43

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Naruto Shippuden episode 43 is entitled "Sakura's Tears" in English and "Sakura no namida" in raw.

Here's Naruto Shippuden 43 synopsis...

Kabuto comments that Naruto’s state is a consequence of his desperation to bring back Sasuke. Sakura begins to cry and approaches Naruto but is injured when his attention turns to her.

Yamato uses the mokuton jutsu to bind Naruto before he does any more harm. Kabuto heals Sakura, reasoning that the Konoha ninja are not Orochimaru’s enemies because they are also fighting Akatsuki. Yamato uses the abilities of the 1st Hokage to forcibly return Naruto to his normal state. Meanwhile Sai confronts Orochimaru with a message from Danzo. Orochimaru responds by piercing Sai with Kusanagi.

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