Naruto Shippuden 39

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Watch Naruto Shippuden episode 39 full video online for free.

Naruto Shippuden episode 39 is entitled "The Tenchi Bridge" in English and "Tenchiky┼Ź" in raw.

Here's Naruto Shippuden 39 synopsis...

Sasuke fights Yoroi, but is handicapped by his inability to use chakra due to the danger of activating the cursed seal. Yoroi’s ability to absorb chakra gives him an advantage, but Sasuke uses a new taijutsu technique, the Lion Combo, and manages to suppress his cursed seal in the process. Kakashi takes him to an isolated location to hinder the cursed seal, only to be confronted by Orochimaru as he finishes. Back at the tower, Shino Aburame and Zaku Abumi begin the next match.

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