Naruto Shippuden 26

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Watch Naruto Shippuden episode 26 full video online for free.

Naruto Shippuden episode 26 is entitled "Puppet Fight : 10 vs. 100" in English.

Here's Naruto Shippuden 26 synopsis...

"Sakura manages to shatter Sasori’s puppet body, but he reforms. Chiyo summons the Ten Puppets of Chikamatsu. Sasori, remarking on Chiyo’s ability to control so many puppets, summons one hundred human puppets and the final battle begins. Sakura and Chiyo seem to trap and defeat Sasori but, under cover of the battle, Sasori, who had transferred himself to another puppet, attacks Chiyo from behind. Sakura intercedes, taking the sword thrust meant for Chiyo."

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