Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood episode 9

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Watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood episode 9 full video online for free.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood episode 9 is entitled "Be Thou for the People" in English and "Gun no Inu no Gindokei" in raw.

Here's Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood episode 9 synopsis...

Ed and Al take Winry shopping to try to cheer up. They enjoy themselves, but Ed receives his second assignment: inspecting the coal mines at the town of Youswell. Upon arriving in Youswell, Ed is kicked out of the single inn in Youswell because he's part of the State-Military. Lieutenant Yoki, the military commander in charge of the area, appears and tries to collect taxes from the inn but a riot erupts and Yoki nearly kills Kyle, the inn owner’s son before Ed appears and saves Kyle’s life. Noticing that Ed is a state alchemist, Ed is invited to Yoki’s mansion, where he is both flattered and bribed. At night, the inn blows up, presumably by Yoki’s orders, and Al saves Kyle from under the rubble. Upon discovering the ruined inn, Ed transmutes the gold coins that Yoki attempted to bribe him with, and overlay the gold over coal bars. He then uses them to purchase the mine from Yoki under the guise of a money-less transfer. Ed then returns the bars to stone and sells the entire town to the people of Youswell for a single night stay at the inn, which he repaired. Yoki tries to fight back, but Ed easily defeats his alchemist, Lira, and becomes known as the hero of the people.

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